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new-yearThis happens every year on New Year’s Eve… I look back at the last 364 days and say “where did the time go.”  I can’t believe the time has passed so quickly.   For the most part I can say it was a good year… not great… but good… some days that’s the most you can wish for. 

Here’s hoping the new year brings positive changes for everyone… that those who have lost a job, find a new one… that those who have lost a loved one find some closure and most of all that our country finds peace and prosperity.

I would love to think that all of  it could happen overnight… as soon as the clock strikes twelve.  But we didn’t get in this hole in a matter of days or months, so it will certainly take us longer to climb out of it.

I’m not one for making new year’s resolutions… because I know I won’t keep them.  But I am hoping in 2009 I’ll remember to laugh more, live more and worry less.


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Finding Facebook Friends


This past weekend… I finally gave in… I joined Facebook… and now I’m on a constant quest for “friends.” 

I always thought those social networking sites were so “high school”… something I just didn’t have time for.   Now I realize it’s a great way to FIND friends from high school but it’s still something I don’t have time for. 

I can see how it can easily get out of control…and why people are constantly on the website.  On this early morning shift it’s important to get to bed early… sometimes as early as 6pm.   Unfortunately over the last week… I’ve found myself up at least an extra two hours every night… writting on walls, posting pictures and “finding friends.”

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I knew one day it would happen… one day the little girl I brought into this world… the child who’s tears I dried… I knew one day she would end up teaching me a thing or two.  I never thought she would end up teaching me about computers.   I fully admit… I am not tech savvy… I love to google… but I don’t do much else on my laptop.  So when my daughter needed to save her school project on her flashdrive…. I was helpless.  I know what a flashdrive is and what’s it’s for… I just don’t have a need for one… and never needed to know how to use it until this past week.   Fortunately young minds are easy to mold… and she was smart enough to show me how to get it two work.  I look foward to the day when Mommy can just sit back and have my daughter do it all.  Now that I think about it… It’s a lot like what I do for my mom… to this day she still has a hard time operating her cell phone!

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