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Carol’s Daughter

One of my favorite things is finding new lotions and potions… anything that smells good… I love it! It’s probably why I’m so excited about the Carol’s Daughter store that’s opening up in Lenox Square later this year. I got a chance to meet Carol’s daughter… Lisa Price… she’s the founder and president of the company. She was in Atlanta last week for a special event and gave us a preview of what makes her company stand out from the pack.
It says a lot when celebrities call your products… “Love in a Bottle.” Most of hollywood is now singing the praises of Lisa’s hair milk, sugar scrubs and bath bombs. Other cities across the country have the pleasure of enjoying Carol’s Daughter… without having to order it over the internet…and now Atlanta can be added to that list. Watch out for the Carol’s Daughter grand opening this coming August on the upper level of Lenox Square by Macy’s. Better Mornings Atlanta sure plans to be there!


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Mr. Itchy & Scratchy

Okay… so my dog is by no means perfect… infact… he has so many flaws I would need a good 30 minutes to explain them all.
I got my Shih Tzu Alex last spring, he’s a rescue dog who’s had a life filled with prescription drugs and anxious nights spent itching and scratching. I have had such a tough time finding relief for him… until I found the two wonderful owners of the City Dog Market in Atlanta. Renee and Patsy took time to help me find some natural remedies for my dog’s allergies. We were there doing a segment for Atlanta Magazine on City Dog Market being a great boutique for dogs. But Renee and Patsy could feel my pain… they went down a list of natural foods that I should try for my little Alex to try and give him some relief. And the timing was perfect… because just a couple of weeks before, I discovered Alex craved carrots like some dogs took to beefy treats. It’s a good thing too… because I since learned carrots are good for allergies. Now my dog has a steady diet of carrots, sweet potatoes, bananas and plain yogurt! He just loves the variety… and all the foods have made a huge difference with his allergies! He doesn’t spend so much of the night itching and scratching. And I must say…those sweet potatoes make him sleep like a baby!

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stomp-3  Yep… that’s me hanging from a rope on the stage of  the Fabulous Fox Theater.   I hope you got a chance to catch STOMP while it was in town this past week and weekend.  It was my second time seeing the show and it was just as loud and bone rattling this time… as it was when I saw it last year.   The great thing this time around was meeting the cast members and even getting on stage with them.  It was absolutely a blast!  I never thought after seeing them perform… that just 12 hours later… I would be on stage  tapping brooms, and swinging from fences banging on pots and pans.   I don’t assume that I have any musical talents… but whatever rhythm I thought I had… went down the drain of that sink they use in the show.  I was so impressed by the patience of all the cast members that worked with us… as easy as it would have been… they didn’t even make fun of just how off-beat our Better Mornings Atlanta team… really is.

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