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shredder event A couple of weekends ago we had a great event out at Turner Field. You may have been on of the hundreds of people who lined up to have all those old bills, receipts and miscellaneous papers shredded for free!

I didn’t get a chance to go to our previous event at Perimeter Mall… but I have to say I was certainly impressed by this one. Mostly what struck me is how kind and patient all of our viewers were who came and waited in some cases for hours to recycle old computer monitors and shred documents.

It was fantastic to meet a lot of our viewers face-to-face. Even though we’re one television everyday, I’m still impressed when someone knows my name.

Above is a picture of one of our faithful viewers in the mornings… Darren Williams. A huge thanks to Darren and the hundreds of other people who came out on a very grey Saturday in May!


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Richard T- Guardian Biker
I got a note-worthy email from a viewer in Cumming, Georgia who shared a great Good Deeds story with me.
The above picture is of Richard Trzcinski. He was riding his motorcycle home from work one night this past February… he says it was 15 degrees outside with wind gusts up to 50 miles an hour.
Before he could make it to the Cumming exit on Georgia 400 his clutch froze up and he couldn’t go more than 10 miles an hour.
Richard says… it wasn’t long before an suv came up behind him, and a man with a cane got out of the vehicle and asked if he could help him.
richard says he told him… “i just want to get off the highway. The man said no problem he was going to follow me in the emergency lane to make sure I would not get hit.”
Richard says when they got to the gas station…. “I pulled out my wallet to offer him some money for his time and trouble… He refused… I insited and was turned down. I could not have thanked him enough.”
richard says that man gave him a business card with “In
Country Vets Motorcycle Club ” written on it. His name is Red and he rides his bike with the use of one leg and a few
He told Richard… “We are all one family and here to help”.

richard said… “I do not know how
to thank Red for his escort to safety. A guardian angel was sent to help.
God bless our vets and our troops. We would not have the freedom today
with out them!! Ride safe and may their be many more “Reds” in this world.
… It’s just a sample of some of the great Good Deeds stories from our viewers at CBS Atlanta!

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Every day we get great emails from viewers for our Good Deeds. Recently we got one about a non-profit center called First Light Vision Inc.
It’s a resource center for those who are at risk or in need in the greater Atlanta area.
They have a staff and a team of volunteers, including lots of seniors who work hard to try and help women, minorities and the homeless. They want to try and give them a hand up so that they can support themselves.
Above is a picture of a group of students from Texas Women’s University who came to Atlanta during their spring break just to help.
Richard Jackson nominated First Light Vision Inc. for our Good Deeds segment and wanted us to know…” First Light Vision is run by a wonderful family who are all paying it forward.” He says… “regardless of the things they don’t have, they give as needed by the community. I just wanted to share this good deed with you.”
It’s just one of many organizations trying to make a difference in the Atlanta area.

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