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IMG_5697%5B1%5Dpilots n paws puppies 2 I wanted to tell you about a really great Good Deeds story I’m featuring on CBS Atlanta.
Of course it’s hard to resist the big eyes and the fluffy fur of a new puppy.
That’s why one non profit group is going to new heights… you could say… to save the lives of little dogs.
Over the 4th of July holiday weekend, while many of us were enjoying cookouts and fireworks… a group of pilots with the non-profit, all volunteer group… Pilots N Paws flew 18 puppies from Athens, Georgia to Bridgeport, Conneticut.
It was truly a team effort because the dogs were basically on death row when they were rescued by Colbert Veterinary Rescue services in Colbert, Georgia.
Tod Peavy… a P-N-P pilot flew the puppies north to meet up with Steve Hall… another P-N-P pilot who got them to Conneticut where the dogs were taken to the SPCA where they will be fostered and adopted into a loving home.
One good news story I’m happy to talk about.


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Lamb Chop

Lamb Chop Tracye2
All I can say, is how cute is this… it’s little Lamb Chop and she hasn’t aged a day since her big debut in 1957! We had a great time on Better Mornings Atlanta with Mallory Lewis and her “older” sister Lamb Chop. Of course Mallory’s mother Shari Lewis had Lamb Chop as a companion through the 60’s 70, 80’s and 90’s. Now Mallory is carring on the tradition and I’ll have to say she is doing it quite well. Not only was she a great guest… she was so sweet and patient during the entire two hours, despite a freezing cold set, and lack of sleep from changing time zones.
Mallory was in Atlanta for the “Puppets Take Atlanta & Beyond: An International Festival of Magic and Wonder.” Mallory even left each of us with a “baby” Lamb Chop to remember her by.

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