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Carving Your Pumpkin

tracye and pumpkins 2tracye and pumpkinsI am certainly not a pumpkin carving expert… and I learned just how difficult it is last weekend when I tried to create a Halloween masterpiece last weekend with my daughter.
I wish I had gotten the great advice from the folks at Sterling On The Lake before I pulled out the knife.
Patrick Clark and Jennifer Landers from Newland Communities visited Better Mornings Atlanta for a few tips on carving.
The best tip of all… put vaseline inside your pumpkin after you carve it to keep it fresh.


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tracye at rainRainProgram I have to say I didn’t expect it, but I was completely entertained by a great performance of Rain at the Fox Theater Tuesday night.
Rain: A Tribute To The Beatles is playing at the Fox in midtown Atlanta through Sunday.
The performance features the world-famous beatles cover band that’s actually been together longer than the beatles themselves.
Even if you only like a few Beatles tunes you will no doubt find yourself humming or singing along.
These four men sing live and play all the instruments live on stage… it was just like watching the real Beatles perform.
As I was watching I realized just how many hits the fab four kicked out over thier careers. I also realized there was a reason that Michael Jackson paid big money for the Beatles catalog… he was a smart businessman, and all those songs are truly timeless.

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