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It was great having Andy Hilfiger, brother of Tommy Hilfiger, with us on Better Mornings Atlanta at 9am.
Andy is launching his new clothing line… called Andrew Charles collection.
Andrew Charles is a new rock ‘n’ roll inspired fashion collection for men and
women available exclusively at Impulse departments at Macy’s and Macys.com.
Legendary rock star and style icon Steven Tyler infuses his style into the brand and serves as the inspiration for all Andrew Charles menswear. Tyler, who is never seen on-stage without a series of scarves tied to his microphone stand, will also be developing a Steven Tyler Rock Scarf Collection for Andrew Charles. The scarves will launch for Holiday.


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Hot Dog! It’s HD1

Talk about an amazing hot dog… a new atlanta restaurant puts a new twist on an old favorite.. and we got to try it on Better Mornings Atlanta at 9am.
HD1 is Chef Richard Blais’ (FLIP Burger, “Top Chef”) newest venture. The menu has several different types of gourmet hot dogs on it – in addition to other food (you can still find something to eat if you don’t want a hot dog!)

The hot dog menu includes:
-Classic hot dog with sauerkraut & HD mustard
-Red haute dog with brisket chili, pepper jack foam, Vidalia onion
-Fennel sausage with San Marzano ketchup, fontina, & grilled radicchio
-Chicken-apple sausage, herbed creme fraiche, walnuts, sour grape relish
-Beef pastrami dog with ox tongue & tripe hash, rusky dressing
-Kenturkey with smoked bacon, mornay, and tomato-pimento marmalade
-Merguez with red currant compote, minted cucumber salad, and Labne yogurt
*Sous vide carrot or Smartdog may be substituted for any other dog

Chef Jared brought in several of the gourmet hot dogs from the menu for us to try and they were amazing!

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Two very cute actresses joined us on Better Mornings Atlanta this past week. 8 year old Maggie Jones and her 10 year old sister Mary-Charles Jones.
The sisters simply steal the show as Ren’s little nieces in the new movie Footloose… a remake of the Kevin Bacon movie from several years ago. They girls are adorable and they’re from Atlanta.

Later this year, Maggie will be an actor in the film WE BOUGHT A ZOO starring Scarlett Johansson, Matt Damon and Elle Fanning and Mary-Charles played a young Miley Cyrus for many years on Hannah Montana.

FOOTLOOSE stars newcomer Kenny Wormald and Julianne Hough. The film is directed by Craig Brewer (HUSTLE & FLOW, BLACK SNAKE MOAN).

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BMA takes on Netherworld

We had a great time a couple of weeks ago really getting into character at Netherworld Haunted House in Norcross. The Nightmare King transformed all three of us into some pretty ghoulish creatures. If you’ve never been to Netherworld you have to experience it. I am certainly not a fan of scary movies or anything that goes bump in the night… but I have to say I had a blast while screaming and laughing while experiencing Netherworld as one of the thousands of guests they get each night.

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The Original Butt Sketch

We had a busy morning on the 9am edition of Better Mornings Atlanta.
Krandel Lee Newton, The Original Butt Sketch artits sketched all of our backsides! He is an amazing artist and it was so much fun… we all had a blast posing for him.

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It was so great to meet Michelle Williams, formerly of Destiny’s Child and Ann Nesby, formerly of Sounds of Blackness when they came to visit us for the 9am edition of Better Mornings Atlanta. They were in town promoting their new stage play, “What My Husband Doesn’t Know.”
It’s a David E. Talbert play and it brings to life a mesmerizing tale of lust, lies and temptation that puts a whole new twist on the “fatal attraction” theme. The play centers on the stunning Lena Summer (Williams). Lena has it all—big house, loving daughter, wealthy husband. But her husband,is so wrapped up in his construction business that the other side of Lena’s bed is too cold too often. When temptation comes along in the form of a handsome handyman named Morris Chestnut, Lena gives in to her desires and a torrid affair ensues. Ann Nesby plays Lena’s mother.

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