Two very cute actresses joined us on Better Mornings Atlanta this past week. 8 year old Maggie Jones and her 10 year old sister Mary-Charles Jones.
The sisters simply steal the show as Ren’s little nieces in the new movie Footloose… a remake of the Kevin Bacon movie from several years ago. They girls are adorable and they’re from Atlanta.

Later this year, Maggie will be an actor in the film WE BOUGHT A ZOO starring Scarlett Johansson, Matt Damon and Elle Fanning and Mary-Charles played a young Miley Cyrus for many years on Hannah Montana.

FOOTLOOSE stars newcomer Kenny Wormald and Julianne Hough. The film is directed by Craig Brewer (HUSTLE & FLOW, BLACK SNAKE MOAN).


We had a great time a couple of weeks ago really getting into character at Netherworld Haunted House in Norcross. The Nightmare King transformed all three of us into some pretty ghoulish creatures. If you’ve never been to Netherworld you have to experience it. I am certainly not a fan of scary movies or anything that goes bump in the night… but I have to say I had a blast while screaming and laughing while experiencing Netherworld as one of the thousands of guests they get each night.

We had a busy morning on the 9am edition of Better Mornings Atlanta.
Krandel Lee Newton, The Original Butt Sketch artits sketched all of our backsides! He is an amazing artist and it was so much fun… we all had a blast posing for him.

It was so great to meet Michelle Williams, formerly of Destiny’s Child and Ann Nesby, formerly of Sounds of Blackness when they came to visit us for the 9am edition of Better Mornings Atlanta. They were in town promoting their new stage play, “What My Husband Doesn’t Know.”
It’s a David E. Talbert play and it brings to life a mesmerizing tale of lust, lies and temptation that puts a whole new twist on the “fatal attraction” theme. The play centers on the stunning Lena Summer (Williams). Lena has it all—big house, loving daughter, wealthy husband. But her husband,is so wrapped up in his construction business that the other side of Lena’s bed is too cold too often. When temptation comes along in the form of a handsome handyman named Morris Chestnut, Lena gives in to her desires and a torrid affair ensues. Ann Nesby plays Lena’s mother.

Allison Palestrini, in the pink, is the Share Our Strength Southeast Director and Heather Hurlburt, in the middle, is the Pastry Chef at Cherokee Town Club… they both joined us on Better Mornings Atlanta.
Give Me Five is an annual event here in Atlanta. It’s an amazing five-course dinner, prepared by 10 of Georgia’s top chefs with wine perfectly paired by five of Georgia’s best sommeliers. Each course will be accompanied by commentary from the chefs and sommeliers. The event is called Give Me Five b/c it’s usually a 5 course meal from 5 chefs and 5 sommeliers. But this year marks the fifth anniversary of the event, so in celebration, there will be 10 chefs participating instead of the usual five.
All proceeds help eliminate childhood hunger in the Atlanta community and across America by benefitting Share Our Strength, a national organization connecting children with the nutritious food they need to lead healthy, active lives.

Dorsey Levens and Lisa Wu Hartwell joined me on Better Mornings Atlanta to talk about their upcoming stage play “Stripped”.
“Stripped” peels away the layers of the life of professional football player Jayden Dorsey, revealing the true charge and sacrifice of being a high profile athlete. In a striking play on “Stripped’s” theme, the cast includes former athletes turned actors Dorsey Levens, Ryan Stewart, and Karon Joseph Riley. Former Real Atlanta Housewives’ Lisa Wu Hartwell has a starring role as Dorsey’s wife. Known for her bubbly and warm personality, Lisa’s counterpart in the play reflects her real life status as the wife of former NFL player Ed Hartwell.
It was a natural choice to open at Georgia Tech’s Ferst Center for the Arts, as both Dorsey and Ryan are alumni. Throughout their college, professional, and post professional careers, the GA Tech family has been a dependable support system.
“Stripped” opens on July 27th and runs until July 31st.
While enjoying a successful post-NFL stint in broadcasting, Dorsey Levens developed Levens Communications to bring his vision of entertainment to audiences. Levens Communication is a full-fledged entertainment company that presents quality material from the theatre, to film and television.

It was very cool to have Cynthia Richards and her daughter Rainey on Better Mornings Atlanta recently. Cynthia won 3rd place in Cheap-Chic-Weddings.com’s seventh annual Toilet Paper Wedding Dress contest. She won $250 for her entry.
It took 20 rolls of Toilet Paper, Duct Tape, Hot Glue, Mod Podge Glue and Fabric Glue to make Cynthia’s dress. She’s always loved designing… so when one of her friends suggested she make a toilet paper wedding dress she was all about it. She started making the dress with her 8 year old daughter. It took them nearly 2 months to finish it…but they weren’t working on it full time. She says it probably would have taken a week or 2 of she had been able to work on it more consistently.

She started by making the toilet paper corset… and at first she was sewing the toilet paper. Then she realized she could tape it instead… so it started going much faster. She made a the dress according to her actual measurements so the dress fits her. The corset around the back is how she gets in and out of it. It has duct tape ties on it.

Cynthia owns Livi Rae Lingerie in Kennesaw, GA. She designs her own line of lingerie called: Recycled – Goodwilled and Skilled. She buys used clothes from Goodwill stores and revamps them into something funky and fresh.