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mark sanfordI still can’t understand why infidelity and politics seem to cross paths so often… but they do. And it’s happened again with South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford. This week he admitted to secretly flying to Argentina to visit the woman he was having an affair with. This all happend over Father’s Day weekend while his wife and four boys were at home… and while staffers at the Governor’s office supposedly couldn’t reach him.
We talked about it on Better Mornings Atlanta and as we looked back at other politicans who’ve jepardized thier careers by straying… like Bill Clinton, John Edwards and Jim McGreevy… it was interesting that none of them made an addmission until their cheating was about to be revealed. Why couldn’t they just come out and tell the truth? Is there anyone who will ever be able to answer that question honestly? I think it was best stated by a longtime friend of Gov. Sanford… Warren Culbertson who said “Any man can fall. But it takes a real man to get up and honestly, from his heart, confess that he was wrong.”


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Miss  Sophia

If you want to get the latest scoop on everything that is Atlanta… make sure you join us for a new segment we are starting on Better Mornings Atlanta on Thursdays.
Miss Sophia from V-103 is checking in with us for a little Girl Talk. Mike and I are really looking forward to this one, because Miss Sophia doesn’t hold anything back. She’s got a little inside dish for us on Usher and his split with wife Tameka Foster. And as thousands of people line up at the Georgia Dome this week for a chance to audition for American Idol… Miss Sophia has a few tips on what can make those contestants stand out. Bottom line… Miss Sophia says “Just Do You!” I LOVE it. Great advice, I’ll take it!

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tracye with initials inc 2At a time when we talk a lot about companies closing and people loosing thier jobs… it was very refreshing to meet these two ladies. Ivy Hall and Britney Vickery created a Georgia-based business called Intials Inc. They say it’s not just a party it’s an experience… and you certainly feel it after talking to these business partners and sisters. It’s a home-based business any woman can have…. bags and accessories that are personalized. It’s one way some women have found to make money and take care of the kids at home at the same time. The ladies say thier business has increased 40 percent over the last year.

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